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Hello! I am a very friendly, good communicator, native Spanish speaker from Valencia (Spain).

I am a lawyer and expert in trade, and I love giving different people the feeling of expressing their own emotions and thoughts in this rich language: fascinating, full of funny expressions, history, literature and passion.

Spanish is alive and much like we are: sweet and strong, charming and brave, conquerors and queens. We never bite our tongue and everyone knows our crazy parties and delicious food, but we are much more, and the first step to discover all of that is taking the first step and come to know me and start practising. One step at a time.

I am experienced in this profession and I have an exposure of teaching up to 10 students in a batch. I have prepared students for DELE exams and specifically for speakings in a didactic way, showing grammar, vocabulary, sayings, a proper intonation, and caring about the needs of the students. I love to use daily events, news and movies, and also small parts of videos from TV series, songs and interviews with well-known Spanish people and regular people as well.

I understand that every student is blessed with different capacities of learning and I am comfortable with providing them additional support and training so that they are able to master the language.

Thanks for sharing your own love and passion for learning with me!

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